RELEASE: Don McGuire announces plan to run against Sen. Jim Denning

TOPEKA – Don McGuire, of Overland Park, announced today that he will run against Sen. Jim Denning in 2020 to represent the 8th Senate District, which includes a portion of Johnson County.

“Senator Denning’s loyalty to Gov. Brownback prevents him from doing the right thing and has proven he was willing to say anything to win his campaign,” said McGuire. “His votes have consistently shown that he is wrong for Overland Park, Johnson County, and Kansas.”

McGuire challenged Denning during the 2016 election and received 47% of the vote. During the campaign, Denning sent out a mailer paid for by the Kansas Republican Party claiming that he would restore a fairer tax system.

“Denning has demonstrated a real lack of leadership with his recent votes against a tax plan that would have made more Kansans pay their fair share and would have been the first step to getting Kansas back on track to being more fiscally responsible,” said McGuire.

Denning voted twice against House Bill 2178, a tax plan that passed the House and Senate with bipartisan support. The plan repeals the LLC loophole, reinstates a third income tax bracket while maintains income tax rates below 2012 levels, and exempts earners of $15,000 or less.

“The people of the 8th district – and all Kansans – deserve leaders who understand the importance of sustainable revenue and a budget that provides good roads and bridges, fully funded schools, and critical support services,” said McGuire.

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