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Room: 135-E

Phone: 785-296-7391

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912 N. Spaulding
Wichita, KS 67203

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Sen. Lynn Rogers

District 25

Lynn Rogers is a common sense Kansas State Senator. He wants to find solutions to our problems and take full advantage of the opportunities facing our state.

Lynn Rogers has a passion for education. He has served on the Wichita Board of Education for the past 15 years, and he stepped up for the children and parents in Wichita by serving either as president or vice-president of the board for 7 of those years.

There’s a reason Lynn Rogers is committed to ensuring every child has the opportunity to get a high-quality education: Lynn knows a top-notch education is the key to securing good paying jobs. Jobs that support raising a family, buying a home, purchasing healthcare, saving for their children’s college, and setting aside money in a nest egg for their retirement.

These are the fundamentals for a middle class life and Lynn Rogers will fight in the Kansas Senate to give everyone who a chance at their own American Dream.

Lynn Rogers also knows the key to getting things done in government is finding a way to work together and he brings that spirit of cooperation to the Kansas Senate.

For years, Lynn Rogers has traveled across Kansas working with farmers, particularly families who have worked the soil for generations, helping them become financially secure and prepared for future success.

While traveling the state, Lynn Rogers found Kansans share common interests and goals. We all want living wage jobs, a government that works for us, and an education system that benefits all our children and grandchildren.

Kansans are sturdy, hard-working and fair-minded. We want to protect the rights of working people, women, minorities, and all voters, and we want Kansas to be the state others in the nation look toward as a model.

Lynn Rogers is committed to these ideals and will stand strong for all of Kansas as a state senator.


Standing Committees:

Financial Institutions and Insurance (Ranking)

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Federal and State Affairs


Special/Interim Committees:

Joint Committee on Pensions, Investments, and Benefits

Joint Committee on Kansas Security

2017 Special Committee on Financial Institutions and Insurance