Community rallies teachers despite education cuts

Channel 6 News, Lawrence, KS
August 12, 2016
Written by Paige Vaughn

The Lawrence community came together to welcome teachers and staff back to school Friday morning. After recent cuts to education, the community is hoping the warm welcome will encourage teacher to stay in the field.

“This coming year the state legislature will be looking and coming up with a new finance plan,” Senator Marci Francisco said.

For two years, the Lawrence Public Schools district has seen no increase in funding. As enrollment continues to grow each year, Francisco says this is becoming a problem.

“We’ve been operating under block grants so each district has just been receiving what they had before,” said Francisco. It’s one of a few problems former Kansas representative Ann Mah is hoping to solve if she’s elected to the Kansas State Board of Education.

“Our students here in Lawrence Kansas are competing with students all over the world; we have to make sure they can compete,” said Mah. She says she plans to focus on high quality teachers, adequate funding and high standards.

Currently, there are multiple teacher shortages in the southwest region which includes Wichita. Francisco says the legislature is hoping to find a solution to this problem sometime after September.

“The court will talk about it in September and when the legislature returns, that’s when we’ll review a state finance plan,” said Francisco.

Story from Channel 6 News in Lawrence. Click here to view the full video.