Mike Thompson: Science denier

While we’ve done our part to slow the spread of COVID to keep our communities healthy and our economy on track, Mike Thompson has spread misinformation and conspiracy theories, creating confusion that makes it harder to beat this virus.

In the legislature, he compared the virus to a tornado, incorrectly suggested that wearing face masks increases the risk of contracting COVID. Then, he spread misinformation about the number of deaths caused by COVID, calling the number of deaths caused by COVID “infinitesimally small.” 

In the legislature, then voted against extending unemployment benefits to Kansas who lost their jobs during one of the worst health and economic crises of our lifetime, then signed a letter asking the federal government not to give our state emergency funding to expand testing, provide PPE to businesses, and get our state back to work. 

Mike Thompson has downplayed this pandemic from the start. Mike Thompson has played politics with our lives and our livelihoods, and he can’t be trusted to tackle the big problems our state faces, head on.

That’s because when Mike Thompson sees a problem, he doesn’t work to find solutions to solve it, he denies it even exists. He’s done it with COVID, and he’s done it with climate change. Despite overwhelming scientific consensus, Mike Thompson doesn’t believe climate change is real. He’s compared climate scientists to Hitler’s disciples, and he lobbies against renewable energy projects that would bring thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in investments to Kansas.

Mike Thompson’s extreme views are out of touch with Kansas voters. We know that pretending a problem doesn’t exist won’t make it go away. Our state is facing unprecedented challenges; we can’t afford to have Mike Thompson making the wrong call for the next 4 years.