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Compact expected to be approved would help Kansas fight wildfires

April 1, 2017 By Morgan Chilson The Kansas Senate approved a bill last week that should make it easier to get help from out-of-state resources if Kansas is faced with more devastating wildfires in the future. The bill would give approval for the state to join the Great Plains Interstate Fire Compact, which would make […]

Senate gives OK to budget that won’t balance without cut or tax hikes

March 29, 2017 By Jonathan Shorman TOPEKA – A state budget that sets out nearly $13 billion in spending over the next two years cleared a key hurdle in the Senate on Wednesday, but the bill would leave Kansas hundreds of millions of dollars in debt without new revenue. The budget given first-round approval functions primarily […]

Kansas Senate votes to expand Medicaid

March 27, 2017 By Jonathan Shorman TOPEKA – The Kansas Senate voted to expand Medicaid on Monday, days after Congress abandoned legislation that would have blocked expansion. Senators voted 25-13 to give early approval to expansion, with a final vote expected Tuesday. The House has already passed the bill. Gov. Sam Brownback signaled a likely veto […]

Kansas Senate votes to expand Medicaid as Gov. Sam Brownback doubles down on opposition

March 27, 2017 By Hunter Woodall and Bryan Lowry TOPEKA – Kansas lawmakers ignored Gov. Sam Brownback’s wishes Monday and gave initial approval to a bill that would expand Medicaid to thousands in the state. The Kansas Senate voted 25 to 13 to expand KanCare, the state’s privatized Medicaid program, after a lengthy debate Monday afternoon. […]

Senators assessing idea of elections for county appraisers in Kansas

March 24, 2017 By Tim Carpenter A Senate committee dropped into the legislative hopper a bill requiring election of the people now appointed by county commissions to appraise property for tax purposes. The proposal by Sen. Larry Alley, R-Winfield, would place county or district appraisers on ballots starting with the general election in November 2018. […]