Ensuring access to quality healthcare

Kansas Senate Democrats understand that a healthier, more productive workforce will help our state economy grow. That’s why they unequivocally support expanding Medicaid.

Billions of Kansans’ taxpayer dollars have been forfeited to states that have already expanded Medicaid. Those dollars should have been here in Kansas working for hardworking Kansans. Medicaid expansion dollars go to work for Kansans on day one. Unlike tax cuts that remove dollars from the state’s treasury with the hope that new jobs and revenues will be created. Expanding Medicaid ensures hospitals and clinics remain open and creates thousands of good-paying jobs.

Additionally, thousands of Kansans have lost their jobs and, subsequently, their health insurance as a result of the current public health crisis. They need coverage to continue to access affordable healthcare. Staying healthy makes it easier for Kansans to get back to work and stay at work. 

Kansas Senate Democrats also remain committed to ensuring Kansans with pre-existing conditions still have access to affordable, quality healthcare. They also support maintaining critical investments in mental healthcare and substance abuse treatment programs; legalizing medicinal marijuana; expanding telehealth programs and recruiting healthcare staff in rural communities; reducing the cost of prescription medications; and, ending surprise medical billing.