Wichita Attorney files for 27th Senate District

TOPEKA – Tony Hunter, of Wichita, filed last week with the Kansas Secretary of State’s Office for the Senate’s 27th District, which includes the northwest portion of Sedgwick County.

“The current Legislature has failed to understand and fulfill the most basic responsibilities of government,” said Hunter. “Those responsibilities include having an independent judiciary and adequately and equitably funding public schools. The latest Kansas Supreme Court ruling makes it clear once again that, unlike the Legislature, they care more about doing their jobs correctly, not holding their seats indefinitely.”

Hunter says he decided to run to help restore common sense in Kansas and to get back the fundamentals of government.

“It’s time to get good at the fundamentals again. To do that, we have to have leaders in Topeka who will listen to the people of Kansas instead of politicians who simply rubber stamp a radical agenda,” said Hunter.

Hunter grew up in Kansas and has spent his career in the oil and gas industry, with the past ten years devoted to oil and gas law. He and his wife, Rebecca, have two children who attend Maize Public Schools.

“Our legislators should not be playing chicken with Kansas children’s futures,” said Hunter. “Equitable school funding is the responsibility of the Kansas Legislature, not the Kansas Board of Education, not individual school districts, and not the Supreme Court. The courts are looking out for the interests of our children and ensuring the Legislature does its job. This should be the wake-up call that it is time to pull Brownback’s experimental needle out of the heart of our state’s economy. It didn’t inject adrenaline, it drained our lifeblood.”