Keeping Kansans safe

There should never be a shortage of law enforcement officers or within any area of public safety. Yet, under the Brownback-era, 36 counties in the state were without an assigned Kansas Highway Patrol Officer. State agencies including the Kansas Bureau of Investigation and the Kansas Department of Corrections were dangerously understaffed and their employees were underpaid. Plus, the budget hole at the state level trickled down to local agencies. Counties and cities struggled to fully fund their law enforcement agencies.

This was the direct result of years of poor fiscal mismanagement of Sam Brownback and his extreme allies — Republicans who are still in the Kansas Legislature. Kansans cannot go back down that path.

These same extreme Republicans stripped Governor Kelly of her emergency powers during the greatest public health crisis of our lifetime. In a time when Kansans needed reliable leadership the most, Republicans chose to play hyper-partisan political games. They put the health and well-being of Kansans at-risk. 

Kansas Senate Democrats believe we must continue moving forward with responsible fiscal management of the state general fund that provides for essential public safety services.